4.5.23 Webinar

Exit Planning Process Series:

Step #1 – Setting Exit Objectives  

Helping owners clarify and prioritize the objectives they want to achieve when they exit their businesses often takes more time than any other step in the planning process. This webinar, which is the first in a seven-part series, will cover the first step in the Exit Planning Process: Setting Exit Objectives. While all the steps require your knowledge and expertise, this step really requires your insight: you'll need to listen to what owners say and what they don't say.  

Join us for this free webinar on BEI tools and resources to support you in the creation of Exit Plans, starting with determining an owner’s exit objectives. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Efficiently determine owners exit objectives and goals 
  • Develop a consistent process  
  • Provide a comprehensive plan unique to each individual owner 

Register today and join us on Wednesday, April 5 at 1:00pm EST.