3.29.23 webinar

Strategies for Success:

Breaking Down Business Continuity    

You're invited to an all-new BEI webinar where we will dive into a crucial aspect of Exit Planning: business continuity. For many of your business owner clients, business continuity planning means simply signing a buy-sell agreement early in the company’s life and filing it away. However, most buy-sell agreements alone cannot support an owner’s primary exit goals; namely, selling the business when they want, for the amount they want, and to the successor they choose.  

In this presentation, Aaron Dube, BEI’s Business Development Specialist, will discuss:  

  • How the topic of business continuity can open the door to Exit Planning engagements 
  • Why business continuity planning matter way more than owners might initially think 
  • What questions to ask your clients that to identify continuity needs 
  • One of BEI’s most powerful and universally applicable tool, Business Continuity Instructions form 
  • Plus, additional content and resources available related to business continuity! 

Register today and join us March 29 at 3pm ET!